Art/Culture in Long Beach, CA

By Chance Powers

Every since the formation of the infamous rap group “213” in 1990, The City of Long Beach, California has never been the same. From that very moment we were put on the global map and that pride was instilled in every person born and raised in this city, so much so, that the locals here have mentally separated themselves from the rest of the county when it comes down the the arts and overall culture of what it means to be from Long Beach.

This isn’t up for debate its a fact. Whether is clothing, literature, music or any other medium, the content creators in Long Beach put the city first. Its time the city does the same.

This site its all about Long Beach, California and the county it resides in. It represents the true people that wake up everyday to develop the scenes we care about most. The people deserve a true platform that is theirs and that’s what we intend to give them. Starting now you’ll never have to go to another site to find out what’s going on in your surroundings. Starting today, you’ll never have to read, watch, or listen to any other sources controlled by politicians or police about the authentic culture that is here in the city. You are home.

We need you to keep the true culture of Long Beach alive. Dig into the platform, see what the city really has to offer. This is ours. Welcome. 

Playlist presented by Long Beach Local DJs https://www.instagram.com/longbeachdjs/