Burnin Giraph releases his new album PEACEKEEPER

Burnin Giraph releases his new album PEACEKEEPER featuring Qari and Reaper Mook, with production features from CBass, Concuan, Neimad, and YaBoyPax.

This is a mostly instrumental project that allows us to let our guard down and reflect on the inner Peace we keep within ourselves. 


DJing for Alex Wiley, as well as production work with Mick Jenkins, Huey Briss, & Myke Bogan, a member of  the production collective 2Thirty5 (J.I.D. – Working Out) and producing for LoveMoneyPower Music Group, Giraph explores inner Peace and self-care in a vibrant sophomore work with features from across the US.

The way Burnin Giraph has blended together 808’s over contrasting tones in ‘PEACEKEEPER’ is what the music world knows him for. Everyday is a new chance to push the limits of his scene defining beats as he brings together vibrant, sometimes ominous, but always captivating melodies to flow along. The album is a charcuterie of musical moods, ranging from the alive-for-the-first-time sounds of the title track PEACEKEEPER, to the pop-neofunk collaboration ‘What Makes You’ featuring Chicago’s Qari (Hurt Everybody) and LA Producer/Bassist CBass \. Empire’s newest edition, Reaper Mook, demands the room’s attention in ‘Shook Up’ with his commanding voice and lyrics that bring goosebumps to the listeners unlocking a new Griselda-like presence for Long Beach Hip Hop.

The misconception we have about life and the journey to ‘find ourselves’ is in reality the flow of ever-changing humanity. Our surroundings are in constant motion, transforming on a daily basis, but what are we looking for? We already have the tools, all we can do is allow ourselves. More than a beat tape , “PEACEKEEPER” sets out its own intricate “create what I want” inspired vision while also reflecting the character of inner Peace. You hear in the literal vibration of “PEACEKEEPER” the combination of disparate emotions in life, from internal struggle to being able to reflect out into the world in a clear voice what you’re feeling in the moment. It’s a journey of self awareness that we all must go through in order to continue growing as individuals. “PEACEKEEPER” houses some of the most unique tracks in the beat scene today, is an expression of life’s beautiful struggles, and hits f*cking hard.
What Makes You is a feel-good Summer Hit which celebrates the things that make us who we are. Burnin Giraph called upon Chicago’s Qari (Hurt Everybody) to bless his production with lyrics as well as turning to LA Producer, Bass Player, & fellow 2Thirty5 Collective member, CBass to lay down dancable bass lines. Qari talks about the qualities that makes him who he is in life such as rolling up, raising a toast to his friend’s new life opportunities out in Dubai, and freeing all the whales from Seaworld. 

“Do What Makes You You”, Qari repeats over and over throughout the song reminding us that there’s 24 hours everyday to appreciate what’s around us as well as inside us.

Long Beach Producer Burnin Giraph releases PEACEKEEPER ft Concuan. This is a live version of the title track ‘PEACEKEEPER’. The original track was synth programmed by Burnin Giraph with LA Producer Concuan recorded on drums. This track Giraph picked up the guitar and Concuan joined him to recreate the song live. PEACEKEEPER embodies everything this album is about: Freedom to be You. This upbeat track is the vibration everyone deserves to be living on. 

In the spare time between engineering sessions for Reaper Mook, Xavier, Asad ILL, & more, getting 3 placements on LG’s first Cellphone Commercials ever on Spotify and Pandora (10Million+ plays combined), and Mixing/Mastering 2 of Xavier’s tracks placed in NBA2K21 and a track placed on Netflix’s “We Are The Wave”, Burnin Giraph brings us his new single “PEACEKEEPER” featuring LA Producer Concuan on the drums.

This two minute twenty-one second instrumental track delivers a moment. The drums alone start the song off almost as if a conductor is tapping the music stand for attention. The guitar synth soars over the atmosphere and captures you right before the song explodes into beautiful strings, distorted synth, live drums, piano and of course the guitar. The song plays back and forth between harp synth and guitar synth while the strings continue to lull us into the world of Burnin Giraph. With 808s transitioning us into different parts of this melody, Giraph presents the opportunity to escape from the chaos of reality and take a breath. 

PEACEKEEPER is now streaming everywhere!

Amateur Sketch/Shadow Band is a dual-track music video consisting of a collection of footage Burnin Giraph filmed on tour DJing for Alex Wiley as well as from the city of Long Beach where he calls home now. Everything in this video is what influences me and is a time capsule of the growth he’s achieved in his life thus far. The space for vulnerability and the freedom to be who you are that PEACEKEEPER creates for the listener wouldn’t have been possible without those experiences. 


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