Together We Eat LBC – Service Industry – Episode 4

“This episode was filmed back in November during the second closures issued in Los Angeles county due to COVID-19. Unfortunately I had some technical difficulties and other issues that prevented me from releasing this episode on time but it is finally finished and out of respect for those involved I had to release it. Better late than never. In this special episode I sit down and talk to some of my service industry friends who have all been effected in different ways by the pandemic. During the second closures when bars and restaurants were forced to close once again it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of service industry workers and of course owners of these establishments. Some places were forced to close and some employees forced to quit and find other forms of work. It was heartbreaking to see some of my friends stress and struggle not knowing what was going to happen to their job or their businesses which is why I wanted to do this episode to give them a voice to share their stories and let everyone know we have to protect our small local owned businesses because these places are the heart of our city and what makes it so great. The people who work these jobs and own these businesses are essential and thankfully now that the restrictions have been lifted we can once again frequent our favorite spots and support our favorite service industry friends. I hope people appreciate service industry workers just a little bit more and understand that we are absolutely essential. I would really like to thank everyone who was involved in this episode with me and I am so sorry it took so damn long to get the episode out but I hope you enjoy it anyways. LOVE YOU GUYS: Dustin, Sasha, Jazmine, Tom, Denise, Jeanette and of course my camera woman Thamar. Thank you all so much!!!” -Nicole


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