A new BIPOC friendly marketing agency is buzzing around Long Beach

Author: Dawn Perkins

A New Marketing firm ran by two Cal State Long Beach alumna is Creating a Buzz for Long Beach Businesses

A local start-up marketing firm run by two young Black women is emerging in Long Beach and they discuss their journey in the marketing and tech world.

“We are giving a face to a tech business, we are women of color, and our messaging is important to us,” a statement said by the Hunnibuzz team.

The owners of the growing firm, Hunnibuzz, are two young women Giulia Triassi and Kiara Kensie. The two met in Web Design class at Cal State Long Beach and made a connection right away, they said.

The two say they stand out by bringing style and innovation to their clients. 

“You don’t really see women in tech and especially not Black women in tech.” said Kensie. “The main thing is helping other women who look like us be able to come to our company,  and help them to work with people who look similar to them.” 

So far, they are actively working with Black women entrepreneurs from previous professional connections. However, they are eager to work with the community. 

“We are helping people create their potential legacy,” said Triassi. “It’s way more deeper than just a transaction, we’re building more long-lasting relationships.”

Hunnibuzz’s first client was a clothing brand, where the two worked with a woman named Tanisha McGinest, founder of Simple Expressions, who sparked their inspiration to create their business, said Triassi. They created her website and provided photography to prepare for McGinest’s launch.

“After seeing the impact we made on her,” said Kensie. “This is what we wanted to do. 

The name, Hunnibuzz, was uniquely chosen by the two women. They chose the word, ‘honey/hunni” to help signify the feminine aspect of their brand and adding the word ‘buzz’ to create a buzzing interest for the work they do.

“It didn’t feel like work to me,” said Kensie. “The end goal is such a beautiful moment,”

Hunnibuzz, LLC. was created in 2018 and launched in 2021. The marketing agency offers Web Design, Branding, Marketing, Graphic Design and Photography. 

“Our clients are our biggest cheerleaders, and we want to be more involved with the community,” said Triassi. “Eventually we do want to sponsor and involve women in tech and be cheerleaders to the new generation.”

The two graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2018. Trassi has a degree in Journalism with an emphasis on Public Relations with a Minor in Web Technologies and Kensie has a degree in Business Management Information Systems with a Minor in Web Technologies. 

“Our next business moves are to create content, gain more clients and connect with the community.” said the Hunnibuzz team.

During the pandemic, the marketing firm says they hold confidence that the pandemic may give them an opportunity to gain more customers because a digital presence is more important now than ever. 

“I see Hunnibuzz really launching off to a great start,” said Kensie. “The goal is to uplift other people who have been thinking of starting a business but not really sure where to start or how to start.”


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