Together We Eat LBC – George’s Greek Cafe – Episode 3 – The Homeless Crisis in Long Beach

“In this episode I visited George’s Greek Cafe and sat down with owner Jimmy Loizides to hear all about how he started this successful family business. I also sat down with my guest panel to discuss the homeless crisis in Long Beach and how we can be more involved in helping our unhoused community.

Special thanks to owner Jimmy Loizides, Jessi, Kelly, Dave, Tori and all my George’s Greek Cafe family for all your help with this episode.

Also, special thanks to my guests, Marcella and Chelsie, I really appreciate you ladies and all that you do for our city.

As always, THANK YOU to my crew, Miles and Robin. I couldn’t do this without all your help and I really appreciate you!

NOTE: I would like to let my viewers know this episode was filmed back in the beginning of November before LA County ordered the second closure of restaurants. As someone who has worked in service industry most of my life, my heart is with all owners and employees during this difficult time and I encourage you to order take out, merchandise, etc. to help keep our small businesses alive.” – Together We Eat LBC


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