Local Conservative changes story about attack on Capitol after nationwide backlash

Kristopher Dreww, a Huntington Beach resident, and a vocal supporter of Trump went viral after he filmed a video in which he brags about storming the Capitol building, but his story has since changed in the light of FBI investigations and death threats to him and his family.

After returning to his hotel room from Capitol Hill, Dreww, a Trump supporter, filmed a video confirming how the Capitol was stormed and posted it to his Facebook page. He denounced the rumors saying that it was Antifa, a structureless movement dedicated to fighting facism, who stormed the Capitol and took the responsibility, saying “It was us… we proudly took back our Capitol.” 

Warning: The video features a lot of expletives.

In the video, Dreww also states that while the police and national guard were on the scene, he noted that they ran away from the Trump supporters, “Because they were smart.” In the full clip, he can be seen bragging about how they tore down the inauguration stage. 

Shortly after the video was posted, it went viral and was posted to the Home Grown Terrorists Instagram page, which is dedicated to finding and reporting the people who stormed the Capitol to the FBI, the page has since been removed from the platform. 

However, the clip was misunderstood by some Trump supporters who thought that Dreww was a member of Antifa, a favored target of American conservatives. 

Now that he has begun to receive death threats for the clip, he only claims to have sat on the lawn while others rioted. 

Dreww explaining where he was during the Capitol Siege

After Dreww saw what was happening to his video, he deleted it but it was too late. 

In another video that Dreww released on his drive back from DC, he confirmed that he and his fellow Trump supporters had the intentions on getting physical with others, saying, “We went there to attack people… and we will continue to attack people.” 

However this video also discredits Dreww’s earlier claims where he said him and the rest of his group going to DC only for the stolen election. “I will not let the media make it seem like we went to DC and got attacked. [expletive] I want you to know we went there to attack people. And for once, I’m not ashamed of that.” 

In an interview with the LBLOJO, Dreww explained that the video was taken out of context.

Dreww explaining his original intent of his first Facebook video after the riot

For the sake of transparency, the full audio conversation can be found here: