How a Long Beach street helped lead the founder of f28 Clothing into a growing streetwear brand

By Dawn Raven

A local entrepreneur is putting Long Beach on the map with his growing streetwear brand named after one of his first homes in Long Beach.

“I was inspired by my neighborhood,” said Oscar Weston, founder of the Black-owned f28™ Clothing brand which launched in the Spring of 2020.

Running five businesses, his clothing brand that pays homage to Long Beach is one of the 43-year-old’s most successful businesses.

Weston grew up in Long Beach and came up with the name of his brand, f28 Clothing, from his former house number after living at 1528 Bailey Way, off of Walnut Avenue in East Long Beach.

“F stands for fifteen,” said Weston, “28 is the second part of the house number, which creates f28 Clothing.”

After the civil rights “kneeling” statement from Colin Kaepernick in 2016, Weston says he took inspiration from a quote from Kaepernick that brought popularity to his brand, “I Tried to Tell Y’all – Kap”.

“It blew up through social media and I sold over 200 shirts in one week,” said Weston. “The next week I sold over 250 more shirts.”

With sleepless nights packing and shipping worldwide, Weston took to social media and studied the competition to craft a unique brand idea and clothing line. 

“I’m giving people that classic feel, that comfort,” said Weston. “My tagline is original, classic and dope.”

Weston says he is a jack of all trades. His other hustles include Red-Drum Entertainment (DJ), Mateo Media (digital design & marketing), Scratch Sip & Paint (DJ & instructor who helps people paint), Havabite Bake Shop and f28 Clothing. This past year, Weston made an effort to continue his entrepreneurships despite multiple restrictions on the live entertainment industry and other changes impacting businesses during the pandemic.

“All of my businesses have a piece of my past,” said Weston.

Weston is currently developing his new plans for the new year and moving toward creating a team that can assist in building his brand. 

“This coming year, I want to give people more opportunity,” said Weston. “There were a lot of things I did and I had to learn by myself.”

He is preparing his Spring 2021 collection and wants to focus more on international attention.

“You don’t have to be from Eastside Long Beach to represent,” said Weston.

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Hello, my name is Dawn Raven. I am a mixed-raced young woman who was born in Chicago, IL. I grew up in Long Beach and studied journalism at Long Beach State. I am an aspiring broadcast journalist and writer. I am currently a Public Relations specialist and marketing director for beauty company, Cammy Nguyen, LLC. I have a specialty in Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, Advertising, Photography, Video and Brand Development. I am eager to continue to share experiences with readers about the roots that sprout out of the Long Beach community.


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