Incident with LBPD on Monday Dec. 7 caught on video

On the morning of Monday, December 7, a video of a Black man experiencing a mental health episode was seen being violently apprehended by a multitude of Long Beach Police Department officers and an explanation from LBPD has yet to be given.

The individual who recorded the incident identifying themselves as Danny, was walking with their friend when they saw Nicolas Marquez running from LBPD officers before he was cornered and taken down by four LBPD officers, which as the video progressed, increased to over eight police officers as Marquez yelled for help and yelling his name to Danny.

According to a bystander who spoke in Spanish, prior to Marquez being chased down, he was allegedly in the street throwing rocks at vehicles until LBPD interfered and apparently tried to detain him to get him medical attention. The bystander said that Marquez was able to get himself loose before taking off running and crossing paths with Danny.

At this point is when the video below began being filmed.

The LB LoJo reached out to LBPD at 1:30p.m. for a statement on the incident that occurred around 11:00a.m., but they were unable to provide one at the time. 

LBPD returned the call to LB LoJo who was interviewing Danny at the time and could not take the call. LBPD called again at 7:10p.m. and said they had been in a meeting and weren’t able to get the statement, according to the same individual the meeting was about the same incident in the video. 

LBPD stated they would get back to the LB LoJo with a statement.

The article will be updated as soon as a statement is released.


At 3:05pm on Tuesday, December 8th, LBPD released a statement to LB LoJo that reads as follows:

We are aware of a video circulating on social media regarding LBPD officers involved in a use of force incident where the videographer is claiming our officers used excessive force. Yesterday, at approximately 9:25 a.m., officers responded to a reported restraining order violation in the 1800 block of E. Anaheim Street. Upon arrival, officers contacted a male adult suspect who was believed to be in violation of a restraining order involving a minor and a female adult. It is important to note, that when an individual violates a restraining order, our officers are required by law to make an arrest whether or not the violation of the restraining order occurred in the presence of the arresting officer.  

Once verifying the suspect was in violation of said restraining order, officers attempted to take the suspect into custody. The suspect immediately fled on foot and officers pursued him to a nearby secured parking lot. Officers gave the suspect multiple warnings in an effort to gain voluntary compliance, however, after many de-escalation efforts and due to the suspect’s continued refusal to comply with specific commands, officers deployed pepper gel and utilized controlling force to take the suspect into custody.  

After a preliminary review of this incident, it appears the officers used only the amount of force necessary to safely take the suspect into custody. This incident will be investigated through a multi-level review process, as are all reported uses of force, to determine if the use of force was within policy and/or if any corrective action is necessary.

Once the suspect was in custody, the Long Fire Department immediately responded to the scene, provided treatment to the suspect, determined he sustained no injuries, and cleared him for booking. The suspect was identified as 25-year-old Long Beach Resident Nicholas Marquez and was booked for one count of bringing a controlled substance into jail, one count of simple possession of methamphetamines, one count violating a protective order, and one count of resisting arrest. Bail was set at $25,000. 

Article was updated at 5:11 pm on December 8th