Together We Eat LBC – Panxa Cocina-Episode 1- Defunding the Police

Nicole Lena is a local content creator with a new show called “Together We Eat”. The show mixes small business and food with local issues.

“In this season of Together We Eat we will be visiting minority owned restaurants through out beautiful Long Beach, CA. In our first episode we visit Panxa Cocina to sit down with Chef Arthur Gonzalez and learn more about his background, New Mexican cuisine and surviving COVID. We also sat down with our guest panel, Melanie & Anthony Clark and Adriane Kelly to enjoy Panxa’s delicious food while discussing the topic of the episode which was “Defunding the Police”. Our show wants to clearly express that the thoughts and opinions shared in these conversations do not reflect or represent that of the establishments being dined at. Our discussions are solely meant to open up a dialogue about very important topics in our present day society. Please let us know how you felt about the discussion and if you believe we should defund the police and what that means to you? We want to hear your thoughts on this topic and open up conversation so we can find ways to move forward and create unity, respect and most of all love for each other’s differences and cultures. Follow us on instagram… together_we_eat_lbc I would like to thank Chef Art, Vanessa aka “Mama”, and all of Panxa Cocina staff for allowing us to come in and film this episode while providing us with amazing hospitality and incredible food. I would also like to thank our guests Melanie Clark, Anthony Clark and Adriane Kelly, thank you so much for joining in this conversation and sharing your thoughts on this topic. This episode wouldn’t have been possible without my talented crew. Thank you so much Jordan, Miles, Gabe, Caesar and Amanda for helping me with this project. You guys did an awesome job and I’m so thankful! Stay tuned for our next episode!!!” – Nicole Lena

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