Grim’s Graveyard

Grim’s Graveyard is a local artist from Long Beach, California with all kinds of media ranging from apparel to 1 of 1 original artwork. Born and raised in LA County, his art draws from the street culture that he grew up in – taking references from graffiti, tattoos, and pop culture. 

Struggles with mental health, struggles with self-identity, and the struggle to find inner peace beneath the demons of your past, present, and future. The goal and message of his art is to shed light to the underlying issues of daily life, while adding his own personal flare. Using dark and macabre imagery to tell a tale of inner turmoil, he uses the format of a flash sheet similar to those used in tattoo parlors – another one of his influences. Whatever subculture you identify with like skating, graffiti, tattoos, punk rock, or anything spooky, Grim has something for you. He was currently featured in the O.C.E.A.N Virtual Art Show and is now in the process of creating his new series on stained wood, and already has some panels completed! Here are a few shots of his most recent work: 

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